Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Perhaps Kesha is right. We Are Who We Are.

We are, who we think we are.

So here I am, proudly and selfishly declaring what I think of myself at the moment.

  1. Headstrong.
  2. Care too much of what others think.
  3. Full of pride and egoistic. I can let you win, but you can't prove me wrong.
  4. Ridiculously in love, which at times I think is very painful.
  5. Very protective of my friends.
  6. Secretive when I want to.
  7. Talk too much.
  8. Laugh too loud.
  9. Emotional.
  10. Pretty and cute and sometimes awfully annoying.
  11. Never watch what I eat.
  12. Not fat, but slimming down a bit would make me happy.
  13. Get jealous easily lepas tu emo sorang3.
  14. Highly independent.
  15. Have very high tolerance of emotional pain.
  16. Like to make worst assumptions.
  17. Attention seeker in so many wrong ways.
  18. Not into gossips.
  19. Good listener.
  20. Good story-teller also.
  21. Exaggerating.
  22. Very physical - skinship.
  23. At times too particular it annoys myself.
  24. Facebook / blog stalker.
  25. Full of excuses.
  26. Lazy. Just plain lazy.
  27. Foodmaniac.
  28. Think highly of myself. Self-centred.
  29. Super straightforward it scares others (and myself).
  30. Malas mandi lepas balik kerja.

Some of these, I really wish I could change. There are a lot more, but I think I need to go take shower, for a start.

1 comment:

Farzan said...

malas mandi after balik keje
euw~ -.-"
hahaha...n lots about food, bes2 :)