Wednesday, March 17, 2010

they should change from P to N for NOOB.

for the first time ever, i drove a car with someone else in it, other than my family, and, of course, him. this time it's ridhu - our classmate, college mate, his roommate, his deskmate, his former schoolmate, and everyone's soulmate??? (boohooo)
(picture stolen from fb. now you know what fb can do to you)
don't get me wrong, i thought this picture of him is cute^^

and i got honked twice. yes, TWICE. both by pakcik-yang-macam-dah-pissed-off-sangat-kau-bawak-kete-cam-haram.

nobody ever honked at me before. yes, absolutely NOBODY. i know i'm not quite a good driver - no, i pretty much sucks at it. but at least i've managed to arrived at destinations safely. in time. and more importantly, i have never get myself in trouble by getting involved in accident!

jatuh ego jap kne hon ngan pakcik uh. tambah lagi ridhu kat belakang. tercalar maruah weh!

and i got my driving lessons while ridhu watching and listening, and of course, L A U G H I N G H I S A S S O F F .(jage kau dhu)

jangan press minyak kuat sangat masa mula3 nak start jalan lepas berhenti kat traffic light. hang bukan nak p race ka apa, chill3 sudaa. when the rpm (or whatever the name is) increases, more fuel is consumed. and if possible, don't let the rpm exceeds 4 or you'll piss off the owner of the car. (that if you're driving someone else's car, obviously)

don't accelerate or press the minyak lagi when you see the traffic light ahead is red, turning red, or yellow. hang tu baru bawak keta, karang gelabah, mampauih. tp jangan la break awai sangat. bak kate ridhu, start brek uh, da boley cukup jemaah 40 orang jarak dengan kete depan. bile da brenti plak, jauh gila. again, 5 jenazah boley muat kat tengah3 uh. (ridhu's analogy has always sounded ridiculously true)

don't mencelah masuk lane orang abruptly. this will cause you to be honked, yelled, or even better, cursed. and tell your backseat driver, dont give confusing instructions, or you'll end up panicking on the road, not knowing where to go.

when taking a U-turn, be sure to pull your steering wheel to the max. don't pull it like, one at a time. the car will move like semput3, and the last thing you want is to look like an idiot in front of the other drivers (or even your passengers). even better, have someone sitting next to you controlling the steering wheel, and you just have to take care of the pedals. heeeee.

there are a lot more, but for now i can only think of these.

ps. camwhoring is allowed while driving - but only if you have 5mp camera that captures the awesomeness of the event.

(okay, picture taken while parking. kantoi)

note to my passenger: i might be a noob when it comes to driving. but at least, i have a driving license, okay. and you should be grateful (at least buatlah kenduri kesyukuran) that we arrived masjid biru safely. sila jangan serik lagi naik kereta dengan sy okay;)

and dear you,
thanks for still letting the P sign to stick to your car, and be an eyesore to you. i hope it will remain there until this may, after i officially become an adult on the road:)

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