Saturday, March 20, 2010

the sister i never had.

i am never fond of tags. i found tags lame. but since one of my besties indirectly accidentally tagged me, i'm like, FINE. i'll do it.

so here's for you, pretty.

Rules: Use Google Image to search the answers to the questions below. Then you must choose a picture in the first page of the results, and post it as your answer.

1. i am..
and insane.

2. i really wanna go to..
united kingdom. studying. medicine. (urgh, why there are fullstops here and there?)

3. my favourite place..
KLCC park. at night-specifically. i'm always amazed by the lights. sometimes i can just sit and stare at the the towers doing nothing.. it makes me look jakun, though. it's the n-th time i went there, but still, i'm stunned. it always struck me, kalau manusia boleh cipta menatang alah sebesaq setinggi tu, ALLAH yang cipta manusia, apa lagi?? SUBHANALLAH.

4. my favourite thing..
fine. he's not even a 'thing'. but i learnt that the best things in life are actually NOT THINGS.
(and sorry nabilah, this picture is not taken on google image, because when i googled his name, there's only his profile picture on fb that appeared. bosan ah)

5. my favourite drink..
anything chocolatey. okay, bullshit. everyone knows i love coffee more than anything in this world. it's my elixir of life! (boo bella, boo) but since i would love to have babies more, then i give up coffee-ing. so sad.

6. my favourite food..
sushi. anything japanese.

7. my favourite colour..
black. obviously. he even said once, "i think you should stop wearing black.." but i just can't! i feel safe in black. look slimmer. and taller. (now there goes my dirty lil secret) gaaahhhh.

8. i live in..
my own world. ignore the cuteness. or even the pigs. i just live in wy own world. others, shoo shoo! (or oink oinkk??)

9. i was born in..
a labour room. (here's to aiman, my classmate;)

10. my school or college..
when i typed SECLUDED, this thing appeared. i wonder why KMB was not included in the search. must complaint to google!

11. my favourite story..
i don't care. i still stand for this. you can say a thousand splendid sun is way way way better or what. but i'm still sticking to this. this VERY THIS! (emo la plak)
"for you a thousand times over"

12. my favourite hobby..
crapping. ou yes. that's why you're reading this. they are all junks and CRAPS! (gambaq cam lam blog ahuyy la plak)

13. i want to be..
RICH. yes, money matters baby! $$$

anyways nabilah, i tried very very hard not to appear to be copying you. especially the book part, the colour part, the coffee part.. but apparently GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE (and fools seldom differ). i heart you, hun.

ps. that trivia of your is incomplete, dear.

"burung kasawari bernafas melalui bontot kalau kepalanya terbenam dalam pasir."

OMG now i'm crapping about this ostrich. shoot me. dang.


sukasuki said...

copy cat!
luv u too hun!!

burung kasawari ada paru2 tak???

diaNe(",) said...

anda di tag....sila singgah..

bella said...

nabilah; taksure. balik bukak ib guide okay.

diane; tag killer woooaa!!xDD

ayesyaazreena said...

bella suke sushi~~~
luv it!