Friday, January 2, 2009

shoot me. and i'm dead.

i cant believe this.

i missed his birthday. and i feel bad about it. he never missed mine since we knew each other. i know, i know, i was somewhere in Yangon on that day, and that explains why i couldn't call him. or text him. or email him. but i swear i remember it. and i promised to myself that i would wish his birthday as soon as i get back. but i didn't. not til just now.

and it turned out that he had the lousiest birthday ever.

B: "im so sory. i missed ur bday. i wuz in mynmar. i ingt on dat day,bt i 4got 2wish aftr i come so sory my dear. rily3 sory.. ,"

A: "its 2 late 2 apologize. dh lama. i had a shitty bday."

B: "i blk mesia on 26th.u called, tym 2 i kt k.trg,stayin at my frens so sory.sumpah,i ingt on dat vry day,bt i cudnt reach u...sory."

A: "oh,call kjp tu xley wish eh?fine."

B: "i xingt.i come bak,n i got so many things so bad..each tym i ingt,i xter-wish.i duno.oke, i admit,my fault.,bt im rily3 sory.,"

A: "hmmph.tlambt."

yeah, he did call me on 31st dec. but i turned him down and said i would call him later. i was out with my roomie, pja, and it's not that often when i could actually hangout with her at KT. but again, i forgot. i didn't call. i didn't even wish his bday when he called. the conversation lasted less than a minute. and i didn't say a word after that. not til just now.

i think i can understand why he's so like hurt. he always had something for me on my previous birthdays.

2006; we first met. my bday was on the last day of HK. we chatted til midnight after the annual dinner and he was among the first to wish- right before my eyes. cute:)

2007; he's a guy full of surprises. my bday was going to be a few days after HK. but stil, i got a cake, and a card from him- given by a waitress during the annual dinner. man, that was damn SWEET!

2008; sorry, i cant remember. i was too excited about my bestie, YANA and her surprise party. and the fact that mom already asked her friend to bake a cake when she was away in india really touched me. thanks for the early thoughts mom..

the thing is, i feel so bad when i missed his birthday. i feel guilty. terrible. so not me. i'm the type who always remember important dates, but how could i forget his?

another fact- i missed abh's too. 1st january, and i only text him on the next day.

B: "they say it's better to be late then never. so,, happy belated bday! hehee sory abh, bella xsmpt wish smlm:)

A: "ya lah 2. anyway, tq n jaga diri:-)"

i love you, abh. always do.

its only the third day of 2009, and i already forgot 2 important dates for 2 important people in my life.

shoot me.


Yard said...

its too late 4 apologize

whos that "A"?
Abg Pior ke

ahuyy~ said...

abg pior ke..??
senghal siot.

btw..rileks arh bru miss satu brthday. belum miss 2 kali kan..?

eila said...

abg pior??



bday dy ble snanye???

*confused lg~

Afif Sani said...

ouch.. gudluck

eila said...

afif; gudluck wif..???

*daku semakin bingung

Yard said...


eila said...

apabila kebingungan kemelandaan.

petite girl said...

if someone shoot you dead,then there will be no you.

that will leave someone or a lots of ppl weeping right?=)

Afif Sani said...

goodluck start balik kolej! wohooo!

eila said...

petit girl;
ermm,,i guess so.hehee~
btw that's so sweet of u!:)

thanx.u too.
heard u had an adventurous hols:p

Afif Sani said...

haha.. cuti dah habis pn.. back to kmb... back to kmb...(cue lagu seram)

eila said...

result pon da kua.

waa nytemare!!!~