Wednesday, January 7, 2009


just because my previous post has 'dead' on its title, so you think this one is the sequel lah?

no, not even close. it may have something to do with deadly stuff (obviously), but none about birthdays, new year, whatsoever.

a day before i went back to kmB, a friend asked me out. and since i was so depressed mengenangkan esok dah kena balik kolej, i simply agreed.

so he picked me at home (it's my uncle's place actually), and then went to a kedai mamak, pegi pekena nasik lemak dgn nescafe ais (dye je la, i only had iced neslo). not long after that, his two friends joined us (oh, great) and lepak same2.

and then the real 'thing' began.

we played a killing2 game called LIFE4DEAD. yes, i mean, WE. it's not like we shared a PC and i watched him showing-off his skills, nope. i actually played along with his two friends! (gile, tawu la nak cukopkan team, aku gak jd mangse).

i never played such thing before. xpernah sentuh pom!

me; "i xtaw pape pom psl bende alah ni! pls la, i xnak main. xreti kot"

him; "alah, relax la. takde pape pon. senang je.u i ikot je i krg.i aja la u"

pity me. rayuanku tidak diterima. finally, i gave up. fine. whatever you say.

W,A,S,D for control.

E to pick up things.

R to reaload your weapon.

space to jump.

Ctrl to duck. (ye ke??)

okey, it won't be so bad. bunyi macam senang.layan je laa..

so it's show time baby!

"woi, jgn tembak aku la!" (it's always me who shot meraban.haha)

"tutop lampu.ade witch kat sini" (witch??wth??)

"jgn la saw sgt.xde pape pom." (i don't even know what 'saw' is?*^&!$%^&)

"mane u ni? kan i dah ckp, ikot i" (i was always the one yg tertinggal kat blkg sbb xjumpe jln)

the game is CS-like (satu permainan elektronik di mana anda hanya dpt melihat senjata anda dr skrin komputer), and i never liked CS before.
now i’m wondering how the two chipmunks (afiq,11 and adam,7) can be sooo into CS despite of their age. (maju tol adik2 aku)

you walk, you see zombies, you shoot them, they pin you down, your friends help, your health bar increases, then you walk again to hunt for zombies.(can someone pls explain this to me??)

btw, thanks to my dearest friend, i got my veeery first experience in such game.
(he even asked me to CS-ing with him after that, but hell, NO!)

now i’m already at kmB, and i know a lot of DOTA-ing is going around. and since i had a lot of DOTA conversation with yard recently,

“aku xkan penah faham manusie2 yg main game camtu.”

and to mr. alah-sng-je-i-bley-aja-u;

“next time lau u ajak i pegi cc men game lg, sumpah i x ikot!” (i hope he will read this)

i can’t play DOTA, i dread CS, i failed Life4Dead;

Tadak life kah aku???