Monday, June 6, 2016

Cranky birthday.

I'm a cranky bunny right now. Or as Adam would've said it - a grouchy Smurfette.

Note that Grouchy and Smurfette are two completely different Smurfs altogether so that's not a correct term!

(we recently bought an xbox with a Smurfs game, so bear with me.)

Anyways, back to being cranky.

I don't know. A lot has been happening, and believe it or not, I've had multiple blog posts drafted on my iPhone, only that when I opened them on laptop - somehow the text cursor (you know, the blinking one that shows where you are on the screen) wouldn't show up. Every time. So I ended up not editing them, which further makes them, well, un-post-able! No that's not a word, I'm just cranky.

Somehow I feel that my life came to a halt post-finals and elective. I should have a million things to do but none of them are progressing anywhere. Get UK visa done, nope. Driving license, nope. Accommodation in Northampton, nope. And I'm not even pregnant yet! Well the last bit because we're not even trying, so of course it won't happen. Ahhh again, bear with me, I'm just being cranky. 

I had my birthday recently, which was as mundane as any other days. It was a cold-rainy-typical-English-weather day, and I had to leave veeery early to catch a veeery early bus to General Hospital. All because Adam was on nights, so I couldn't have a ride to the hospital. Come to think of it, I was actually grumpy on that very day. (that was when Adam coined the name grouchy Smurfette.)

Came home to this later.

I can go on forever about the grammar errors, but for someone who just spent the whole night running around the hospital saving lives, 5 stars for the effort!

So my birthday gift this year is pretty unique. Adam let me choose three things.
1 item.
1 activity.
1 'anything'.

Yes I was wondering too what kind of 'anything' would it be. Until last night.

I was watching the movie PS. I Love You on TV in the lounge while Adam on his computer in the room. He suddenly came out and said, "Baby, just to let you know, that 'anything' I wrote in the card really means 'anything' tau," with a loving innocent look on his face.

It was the perfect timing as I was all sappy from the movie. So I said,

"I want a love letter each day, every day, till my next birthday."

Of course he refused out right. Actually no, he gave it a thought, asking me if it's a letter or just a simple love note, pondering on what it would be like having to write beautiful words for his wife for another 365 days. (it's actually less since 5 days have passed since my birthday).

And nope, he wasn't going to do it.

(referring to the movie),
"He knows he's dying, of course he has so much to say. You want me to die early, is it?"

I'm going to ask for a handbag every month, instead.


White Rose said...

Happy birthday kak bella! So happy that u've updated ur blog. Anyways, happy ramadhan to u and adam

Bella said...

Thank you! Haha It's been bugging me for a looong time, like a part of me is missing (not writing that is!). Thanks for reading, and Ramadan kareem you too :)