Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Dr Biby Girl.

A: Congratulations sayang! After this I call you Dr Biby okay?
B: Nuu I want to be Dr Girl.
A: You mean Dr Girl-Dont-Care?


Such a caring nick for a doctor!

(and if it was up to Adam, he'd have it spelled Gurl with a 'u')


Okay la okay la, not the most romantic conversation ever, but that's not the point.

Point is..

I'm a friggin' doctor!

I know right??!!?? Alhamdulillah, Allahu Akbar!!

Hehe fine la I'm a year behind most of my friends (since I took gap year in between IB and uni), but allow me to be uber-excited about this. I mean, trust me, I'm a doctor!

Can finally say that HAHAHA. *rolls eyes at future patients*

So yeah, I passed my Final Professional exam, Alhamdulillah.

And I owe this to a lot of people. A. WHOLE. LOT.

I mean, I could write a whole paragraph of "Ucapan terima kasih ditujukan kepada.." but I'll keep it short for now.

While a lot of people post their self-congratulatory and deep appreciation messages on FB, I feel like I owe this place more. You guys have been there throughout these past five years.

Thank you people. Thanks for the kind prayers, kind words, kind everything la. In fact sometimes when I'm feeling so down like I don't wanna do this anymore then a random comment popped in and I'm like, wow, someone's still reading this, cool or what?

Like some kind of occult motivation that you guys don't even know it, but it's there.

I've been wanting to write (and ramble, and whine, and rant!!) about my whole medical school journey, including why I don't usually write about my medical school life (haha, ironic), but that can wait.

I just want to take this moment in, to THANK EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU, for just being there. Sometimes when I ask you guys to make duas, I really don't know if anyone actually would. But I believe, as Muslims, we should all make prayers asking for the best of everyone, and I know you guys are super awesome too! We'd never know whose duas are being granted.


And yes, let's not stop praying, making duas, that He keeps granting the best to everyone, inshaAllah.

Signing off,
Dr Girl (who actually cares)


Anonymous said...

congratulations! was waiting for this post, so happy for u!! :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats kak bella!
Keep updating yeahhh
-inspired med junior-

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Please don't stop writing cause u have a fan here. Hehe.

humaira said...

COngrats, Bella!!! kitorang exam pon belum. Lols. -_-' Anyway, Alhamdulillah! Happy for you! Keep it up! Ada rezeki jumpa one day insyAllah. <3

sha filan said...

congrats weiii!!!!!!!!!!! *nangehdramalapairmate* Pray for my Dr-to-be jugakkkk T_____T

Fatin Nurina said...

Congratulation Kak Bella! Keep updating ya.
-your beloved follower-

Nadia NotRealName said...

Salam and Hi Bella :)

Firstly, we have known each other as acquaintances, way back since 2010 (college years hehe) In fact, i even made it to ur blog post years ago! Over the years, I always keep myself updated with your writings though never once have I commented here before. At times when things are not so good, I think of you, your words in this blogs, and I feel good if not better as the mood before. Yes.. believe it or not you have readers! And whenever I'm on the Blogspheres you're like in my top 5 must read blogs alongside with Vivy's hehe. I know you will get busy the coming months but please, please dont stop writing.

Anywayyy, congrats congrats CONGRATS ! You may not remember me, but know that Im so happy, genuinely happy for you. I still can remember vividly your posts around that time when us batch mates were flying everywhere, that sadness in ur posts during that gap year. on top of that, during those struggling years in med school. Look at where you are now! Life happened, and I still have a year or more to go. Heres to hoping the days forward will be smooth-sailing and I'll get to join you awesome doctors soon.

Best of luck for the next phase of life, Bella. I will keep you in my duas x

Bella said...

Guys pardon the slow reply! I swear I actually wrote replies halfway then left it at that. Sorry!

So if anyone still reads this, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SUCH KIND WORDS.

I pray that all of us be granted the best in life, inshaAllah, and most importantly Jannah in the hereafter. And as far as this temporary life goes, I reeeeally hope/make duas that He puts our heart at ease - contentment with Allah's decree. You know, the feeling of being/having enough knowing that He's around. Always. Actually that has always been my prayers - ketenangan hati, come what may.

And Nadia NotRealName, if you're from KMB too, then I'm pretty sure I'll remember you, inshaAllah! Provided you reveal your actual name la, hehe. Still, thank you for reading and keeping me in your duas. I'm so touched, honestly.

Know that you guys feel so close to heart despite us rarely/never meet.

(this reply is so long I could write another post on it).

Salam Ramadan everyone, may this month bring a better us, inshaAllah.