Thursday, February 18, 2016

Of dream wedding and bridesmaid dress.

Remember when I said I didn't have many girlfriends, so bridesmaids were out of question when we got married 3 years ago? Well, that was then. Now pretty much all my Whatsapp chats are girls. Girls power to the max!

And I still remember this conversation I had with Adam last year - we thought we should hold a reception after his graduation, combining the celebration of our marriage and his success (I married a doctor, whoop!) - something like a majlis kesyukuran. That got to me quite a bit, so I was kinda geared up for it for a while. Finally, a wedding of our own!

The idea of holding a reception got so serious that I even started looking for venues in KL. Most of them have to be booked months in advance, and since we couldn't commit to anything, we thought we'd just have it by the pool at his place in Bandar Tun Hussein Onn. They have a nice wooden gazebo there, complete with facilities like toilets and a small extra room that we could use as prayer room. It's going to be a cozy little space, with white paper lanterns hanging and fresh stalks of flowers on the tables, and there'll be a small jar of wishes on each table where guests could write their wishes on a little card for us.

I had it all pictured nicely in my mind.

And guess what, I might have also thought of having bridesmaids. Yes, Bella, and her bridesmaids. I mean, hey presto, who has girlfriends now?

And pretty bridesmaid dress? Yes please.

Since I had a pretty specific idea in my mind of how the day was going to be, the bridesmaid dress had to be on point as they set the tone and ambience of the whole thing. I was thinking of something pastel-y, like this.

This somehow reminds me of a Greek princess - with flowy capes and all. 

Then I thought, maybe I could try something different at that time. After all who took 3 years to do a reception, righttt? Taking bridesmaids to a whole new level with these instead.

The one on the left is just too mysterious I can only imagine a bunch of pretty girls (my girls!) in them walking around feeling just as mysterious. Haha. And let's be honest, the one on the right is probably more for me than anything else. After all it's monochrome, that itself spells, me. Uhh, guilty.

If I'm truuuly honest...
I'd loooove something like this for my wedding.

I mean, sure, it's see-through and all, but we'll work something out, right? 

Sigh. A girl can only dream.

All these and more bridesmaid dress designs to dream of! (trust me, I have a hard time deciding if I should get one of these dresses for myself, bridesmaid or not.)

Sure enough, it's 2016 now and we've missed the deadline. But having it a year later (2016, bring it on!) will only mean that there'll be more wedding fund since Adam has been working reeaaally hard as a young handsome doctor here in Leicester. And by then, he can also say he married a doctor,  now how's that for a change? Haaaaahh.

Meanwhile let me drool over these pretty dresses some more.

Written in collaboration with Zalora. 

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