Sunday, November 22, 2015

København, Denmark Day 2 + Departure Day.

Still on Day 2 in Copenhagen, later in the evening. We went to Tivoli, the second oldest amusement park in the world. Well actually, the oldest amusement park is also in Denmark.

The Danes sure sound like fun people.

Entry fee is about 99DKK equivalent to roughly £10pp. The decoration theme changes according to the season and celebration that's going on. We went there during Halloween time, thus it's only natural to have loads and loads and loads of pumpkins. Real pumpkins! I bet if you make pengat labu out of them you can feed a whole village during Ramadhan.

Motif masak pengat labu di bulan puasa?

Anyways, the rides costs on average 30DKK to 100DKK. The more thrilling the ride is, the higher the price goes. Needless to say it's not really for the thrill-seekers, more like for the ambience and spirit of whatever season you're in at that time.

Oooh I bet their Christmas theme would be pretty!

Anyways, pictures!

One extra large pumpkin hanging around (literally) at the entrance gate

They do something like a light and sound show everynight at 1045pm. That. Is. So. Very. Late. I know. To hang around in the freezing cold weather just for the show sounds a bit daft, but we did it anyway. And it was amazing.

Too cool. We went back at about 11pm and was quite surprised that the streets were still buzzing with people. Unlike in UK where the cities go to sleep at about 8pm.

Day 3, aka home day, yay!

We went to an artificial beach just to kill some time before going to the airport. Again, it wasn't really the best weather for a stroll on the beach. Took some pictures as it was really quiet and I couldn't say no to a beach remote selfie. 

This, lasted for about 10 seconds.

While this, is what happened behind scene most of the times. You hopeless romantic, you.

We then went to the National Aquarium (again, to kill time) and saw loads of fish! The very big fan of fish in me got excited but the wobbly legs were on strike together with the tummy, altogether making Bella a slightly grumpy woman.

But hey, fish!

At about 6pm we left the aquarium walked (again!) to the airport. Never in my entire life have I actually walked to the airport. It was actually not too bad, about 20 minutes walk but since the whole trip has been about walking, even the idea of stepping your foot one after another became less appealing. And I ended up walking barefoot along the road going to the airport.

For all we know I could be arrested for some mental instability or something.

Anyways, our flight was later at 10pm something and we arrived Leicester at 1am something and totally conked out the next day. 

Should do this again, man.