Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Hold the fortress.

"Go marry someone you know, marry someone you have seen his disappointment and anger, and you know you can handle it. Go marry someone you truly love." - Mat Luthfi

I'm writing this as I sit in the living room contemplating whether or not I should go to clinic this morning, while Adam is peacefully dozing off in bed, marking the start of his enviable 8 days straight of annual leave.

I've seen that man at his high before. In fact, I first truly get to know him when he was at his peak in college. Things only got better when he started medical school. Holding the title of a President for two years in a row for two different societies, setting up a legacy where things were never done before, this man is amazing. He believes he could take on the world if he wants to.

Then for a split second the wheel turned around. After years of glory and a smooth-sailing journey, He was at the darkest pit that even thinking about it scares me now.

For a while, disappointment and anger were his new best friends. I faded into the background, becoming more and more invisible as time went.

"Hold the fortress."

It was easy to just crumble and fall apart as he went down, for it hurt me as much as it did to him. 

But hold the fortress.

Because this man, this one great man that you chose to marry when he was at his high, will somehow, at some point,  have his low side. And to keep holding the fortress when it doesn't look as glorious, as promising, is the promise that you unrealising made when you chose to marry him. 

And because this man, this one great man, is that one greatest thing that has ever happened to you. 

That one greatest thing that I can truly say, mine.