Monday, June 15, 2015

Liverpool, ran and dyed.

This is a long due post. My aborted mission of going to Macedonia and/or non existent plan of going to Norway has been replaced by a trip to Liverpool. Supporting local product. *tetiba

So 4 years in the UK and it was actually my first trip to Liverpool. And I've never been to Manchester, in fact. Don't judge. Ingat Manchester best sangat banyak makanan halal? Kat Leicester pun bersepah okay. * mintak penampar cari pasal dengan orang Manchester. Nak gaduh? Omg tetiba sangat.

Anyways, Liverpool it was. There was Mersey River Festival going on that weekend. And Albert Dock was flooded (pun intended) with ships. And... Tiba tiba malas pulak nak menaip. And gambar banyak pulak nak kena filter. Haih pulak dah.

There are probably hundreds of pictures in my camera, but this time laziness wins.

Went there Thursday night, went to Cheshire Oaks and walked around city on Friday, and (literally) ran on Saturday.

Now here's the bigger mission in Liverpool.

Run or Dye!!

Alright don't be deceived by the 'Finish' banners. This is actually a 'before' photo. There's no way I could be that clean before the whole thing.

True 'after' picture. Comot gila. Even the camera became dusty with all the colour dye flying around.

Faces of 5k finishers! 

Not the prettiest pictures of us, but I owe this trip to this young lady. Kak Azyan, my senior back in high school. And since I went to 2 high schools (3 if you count the first few months before I was sent away), Kak Azyan and I were in the same SMKA (agama yes oh wow). She's 2 years senior than me. And since I left the school after form 3, it means the last time we saw each other was about 10 years ago. TEN FREAKING YEARS and she's still like, the cool senior I knew back then (okay Kak Azyan sila sengih sorang sorang baca ni). It feels pretty cool to see each other again! And it's been so long since I feel connected (wah!) to someone I haven't seen in a very long time. And I'm not talking about the weird awkward obligatory conversations, no, it was like the old asrama days, so young and carefree. Seronok gilaaaaa. Tinggal tak makan maggi dalam baldi je. (not that I did, pfft)

Ha, part menaip pasal orang seronok saja.

And I shall leave you with the manic scene of Run or Dye Liverpool at the closing ceremony.

Confession time: I probably just love the 'party' feel to it - the 'club' songs, the dance and groove, the jumping up and down to the beat.. Okay mungkin boleh kawal perasaan sekarang.

Anyways, we spent the day after walking to a car boot sale with jelly legs.

It was one hell of a trip and it deserves a longer proper post! Ah, so gutted sebab serius takde perasaan nak menulis sekarang.

Oh well, laziness wins. Everytime.


Amirah Azhar said...

kak bella use camera apa ye for the pictures? the resolution is superb!

Shafilab said...

Perlu la gmbr mata gua mcm kasim selamat gituuu hahahahahaha

Bella said...

Point and shoot je puuun. Panasonic Lumix TZ30. Hehe thanks anywaay :D

Awok salah eja nama ke cikyan, hihih