Thursday, March 20, 2014

Malaysia & You Belfast 2014.

First off I would like to truly apologise to MnU 2014 committees if I appear on what were supposed to be committee pictures. It's not that I am desperate to be in the pictures, it's just that I am such a clingy wife that I prefer to be with him all the time. And it's mutual. When we go to events or our friends/relatives' houses you will find us together 90% of the time. Together as if, sitting/standing next to each other. Seriously. We just like being together. Holding hands is optional though. When people invite one of us to their places or events, they always make sure there's a spot for the other half. There was once back in college years when Adam had a committee meal or something and I came along and the committees all knew it beforehand - Adam always comes in two. And same here. Except that I'm such a wallflower so a group meal is out of question. Lol.

We really like each other you see.

This also explains why I am always by his side in most of the pictures.

MnU 2014 committees plus a clingy wife

The Director with his events Directors
Thic can't get any more confusing.

The fourth years with a wife and a girlfriend. There's Jit Tong's girlfriend, Melissa in white dress so that neutralises things a bit. Lol.

Family Day's dinner

I would definitely tahan the pain of walking the stairs in heels just for the dress. The dress I was wearing actually has a bustle that forms a small trail at the back. Added to the fact that it is already too long for me since petite sized dresses are almost non-existent, the stairs really accentuates the length of the dress. Gigih tahan sakit kaki pakai heels. Sanggup okay, sanggup!

The Director's girlfriend (2012) and wife (2014)

And finally. This.

The picture so beautiful I can't even D:

Of course he's my husband and I'm in the picture so I can be biased but who cares.

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