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27 Days of Home: Day twelve to twenty-seven.

I have a confession tsk. I hate thinking about my blog knowing that I haven't finished what I started and now that I'm already back in the UK reminiscing sweet ol' memories of people and good food back in Malaysia is the last thing I need. Not good not good.

So I'm just going to take a deep breath and go through this in a breeze phew just for the sake of finishing it okay so emo wth.

Day 12: Friday, 07/02/14 - A date with Izleen

Went to Times Square because I'm a hipster like that and of course we're still young like all those bunch of teenagers with nothing good to do they spend time working on their leg muscles (haha) at Times Square, Sungei Wang, BB Plaza etc. Wait that sounds like me in my golden years hahahaha!

Anyways, ramblings aside, here's Izleen and a little one in her tummeh.

It was reeeeeeally good to see her and poke her tummy omg what is wrong with me! She's due before August when I'm coming home again yes people I'm going back for Raya inshaAllah I'm truly sorry to see my bank account sobs. Anyways, she's due long before that so the little one won't get to see her Aunty Bella (wah so old!) until a few months later! Sads.

On another side note, now that Nina's pregnant too I'm pretty sure my ovaries are under massive pressure.

Day 13: Saturday, 08/02/14 - Home

Day 14: Sunday, 09/02/14 - A date with Teacher Ima

One of the things on my MUST-DO LIST everytime I return back to Malaysia! We met at Carrefour Wangsamaju (now AEON Big) because it's the only place we're comfortable driving to without getting lost -.-

Oh yes, back in Malaysia I kinda had a thing for seluar tidur for whatever reason

It was quite a short meet up because I brough my kids along (Syahirah and Adam Jr) and Teacher Ima brought hers too (Faris and Faris) and I was supposed to shop for stuff to bring back to UK and I hate to make them wait.

Now that I think about it.. I miss her already :(

Day 15-18: Monday, 10-13/02/14 - Thursday, 13/02/14

Nope I can't recall doing anything interesting on these days. They were probably filled with stuffy nostrils and boxes of tissues, truckloads of laundry and precious family time of arguing who should move from the sofa and who was the last person to leave the kitchen light on. Fun times.

Day 19: Friday, 14/02/14 - Jija's surprise birthday party

This had to be one of the most fun part towards the end of my break. Jija's boyfriend arranged a surprise birthday party for her and I was invited! Wowowo now how frequent can I tell people that I was once part of surprise party? None. Except this one. Hahaha! With my awkward social skills.. Hmm.. No I'm not the social butterfly who gets invited to exciting things. Which I am totally fine with that (and quite happy about it actually). But the best part of the party was.. It wasn't just me who got invited! I was invited as part of the Jija's bros (yes, I am not a bro I get it nvm) so Ezzad and Naqi were there too! Had Ezzad to pick me up from home which he came all the way from Pavillion only to pick me up and drove back to Wangsa Walk, mannn that was like, the good old days. And ohh, I got to meet his girlfriend too! Wink wink. Haa geli kan. Luls.

Funny thing was, these are the only people that I know in the party. There were like, twenty something friends of Jija but strangers to me whom I had no idea who was who so I was like, mehhh. Let's just form an awkward bunch of friends here. Literally. We sat at a corner watching people and making jokes among ourselves. How fun.

Anyways, thank you Jija's boyfriend for having us!

Day 20: Saturday, 15/02/14 - Family time

Saturday was when we went to Taman Tasik Dato Keramat as a family. Yes as a family! We (by that I mean Ayah and I) managed to drag Ummi and Syahirah this time. Adam Jr couldn't make it though due to a replacement class on Saturday. I thought it was ridiculous. He's only 12, what replacement class? Pfft. Anyways, in the afternoon I went to pick Afiq up at Shah Alam YES PEOPLE I DROVE ALL THE WAY TO SHAH ALAM. But then with Syahirah and Adam Jr along la because my parents still wouldn't trust me with the car alone -.-

That evening we had early dinner at Seoul Garden Festival City, taking three different cars with us. I think it was pretty amusing since Ayah and Ummi were in one car, coming from Sri Gombak. Then there was me and my kids (-.-!) Syahirah, Afiq and Adam Jr in another car, coming from PV8 after getting back from Shah Alam. The last to arrive was Zahid in his own car coming from God-knows-where.

Don't know why Afiq so garang face like that

Day 21: Sunday, 16/02/14 - More family time

I really have to write about this one eventhough I haven't got any picture of the day because it was my first time dipping into the swimming pool at our place. YES MY FIRST TIME IN ALMOST 4 YEARS LIVING THERE. It was... Okay. I don't think it was very attractive to wear a turtleneck inner shirt and yoga pants with a swimming cap as your entire swimming outfit, but anyways, that's what I did. Note to self: buy a proper swimming attire next time.

Sunday afternoon, my mom in law picked me up for a Sunday lunch at Mak Ngah and Uncle Ali's -- my in-laws. Us - Abuya, Umi, Danial, Mak Ngah, Uncle Ali and myself. This had to be one of the important dates in my married life since it was my first time meeting Uncle Ali properly. How thoughtful of me -.- To make it worse, I didn't take any photos. Sigh.

Sent Danial back to school and went to Wan's place that night. Had terung bakar and sambal udang. This time around Wan made it really spicy - serves me right though. Nak sangat pedas, amek ha.

Day 22-23: Monday and Tuesday, 17-18/02/14 - Staying with mil

The usual stuff with Umi - finalising the new house, good food and some shopping. Then came the real deal.

Beef ribs at Tony Roma's! 
Gosh I still can taste the succulent ribs man I'm dying for it now ugh

Umi's lamb ribs - which I have to admit, after three times of having beef ribs, I am so going to order this one next time. It was just as good!

Pina colada - Tsara's favourite

It was such a good dinner that Umi even thanked me for suggesting where to eat when in fact it should be the other way round -- just to show you how good our dinner was! This was my second time having Tony Roma's with Umi, and the first one wasn't very impressive despite Adam, Tsara and myself were the one who convinced Umi to eat there. But this time, this time was just perfect! I'm still dreaming about it man. Til next summer, Tony!

Notice how I get all excited when it comes to food? -.-

Okay enough about them.

Umi sent me home on Tuesday night and life had to go on.

Day 24-26: Wednesday - Friday, 19-21/02/14 - Last few days at home

Met Farah Afiqah on Thursday night at Mamak Corner depan rumah. See how convenient to have mamak place just outside your house? Lol. Talked about so many things, especially life now that we're coming to the age of 24 and many of my friends have already started working. Even Ara now works at KLCC (what is this thing about my friends and KLCC??!?!!) sigh. Didn't take a picture of us though, which was probably a good thing since both of us were so selebet - her coming back from a badminton session while myself, well, cakap depan rumah, memang sah sah la selebet. Pseesh.

Went to pick Afiq up at Shah Alam on Thursday, this time ALONE since Syahirah couldn't come back early and Adam Jr had sekolah agama. I nearly gave my mom heart attack though when she saw me in the car alone when I dropped by at her school before going to pick Afiq up. Nevertheless, all is well.


Well technically, I used to drive alone when my parents weren't in KL.

So that's not really the case.

But this time Ayah even acknowledged that he approved my driving, ALONE.


But still am at parking though -.-

That night we went for the the last great dinner for Nasi Arab. Notice how I mentioned 'great'? Because it's so hard to get everyone together these days! Adjusting to the fact that there are now 7 of us living under the same roof was pretty tricky. Well actually there are hundreds of us under the same roof considering it's a condo but that's a different story.

That aside, I spent the last night at home throwing tantrum. Sebab kena packing. It's almost like a ritual that I'd spend the day before flying back to UK throwing tantrum. Emosi okay.

Day 27: Saturday, 22/02/14 - UK gua datang

Heading takleh nak otai lagi.

Yeah so it's that day when I finally had to come to term with reality. It was this time that I realised, I don't do sappy goodbyes. I don't know how to cry and say how I feel when it comes to separation. I'd rather keep it quick and clean and save the tears for myself.

Hence semua muka selenga kat airport

But on a happier note I got another free ice blended this time! Here how it went. I went to Coffee Bean looking for Kak Halimah that I met earlier just to say hi. Apparently she wasn't in until later in the afternoon. That was fine. But the other barrista (are they even one?) who answered to me asked if I wanted anything. Told him I've eaten but then he asked me to choose something as Kak Halimah has a free meal allowance or something that allows her to have whatever she wants for free! And I was like, will she be okay with it but he just went like, naahhh, it's okay just choose something. In the end I asked him to surprise me with an ice blended and he made me this!

Surprisingly similar to what Kak Halimah gave me earlier, no? Hihi Alhamdulillah rejeki!

Flight KUL - LON was delayed for two hours and I had a veeeeery tight transit and Heathrow is such a maaaaassive airport but Alhamdulillah I made it to Belfast on the same day!


Anyway, all that aside, Alhamdulillah, I am now safe and sound back in Leicester for more than a week now. Gonna start my first rotation tomorrow and I'm having mixed feelings about it. Fine it's only induction week but well... (I can't remember what I wanted to say earlier)

Here's to a good week inshaAllah!

Boy am I relieved I finished this whole #27daysofhome thing. Alhamdulillah.

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