Tuesday, February 26, 2013

This is love.

***Delayed post***

I'm writing this in the train on my way back from Cardiff to Leicester, and I'll probably cry as I type this.

It was a weekend full of dramas. I took the wrong train to Birmingham last Friday, and ended up stranded at Melton Mowbray station, unable to get back to Leicester as there was a break down on the railway towards Leicester.

Only Allah knows how scared I was. So I couldn't take the train back to Leicester, and there was no bus running to Leicester as it was already 7.30pm. The only choice I had was to take a taxi which would cost a fortune.

I was at the verge. Having to wait for almost two hours in the cold, only to find out that there would be no train heading to Leicester was distressing enough. Now I had to find a way back other than a train or bus. As I looked around, I saw four gentlemen discussing things. With some hope left, I went to them and asked where they were heading to. Alhamdulillah, it was Leicester. I asked if it would be okay to join their taxi as we were heading to the same way, and again, Alhamdulillah, they said yes.

It has been a tough week, or tough weeks I would say, and I was already tired of dramas and adventures. Needless to say, I had to refrain hard from breaking down. At that point, the only thing on my mind was to get back to Leicester and forget everything. Masa tu rasa macam, kalau boleh balik Leicester dengan selamat pun dah syukur sangat sangat.

Tapi yang memang buat kita rasa sangat touched was my friends' responses when I said I might not make it to Cardiff. Everyone was worried, and kept checking on my whereabout, if I was safe, if I could make it back to Leicester. Worse, I only had less than two calling minutes on my phone. I texted Edy and Syeeda to let them now that I was stuck, and couldn't get back to Leicester. I didn't want to make them worry, but I couldn't make them wait for me. And I texted Nadd to make sure that she was at AJ's, as I wouldn't want to go back to my place alone. All three of them called almost immediately, worried if anything happened to me. Masa tu dah rasa macam, okay, I am so loved.

Bila sampai Leicester I headed straight to AJ's, to find Lynn, Kak Dina and Syarah as well as Nadd and AJ of course. Part of me was relieved to be home, until Syeeda texted me that she was already in Cardiff. She wanted to surprise me but in the end everyone was surprised that I couldn't make it to Cardiff. And masa tu lah kita break down gila gila. I WAS SUPPOSED TO BE IN CARDIFF.

Tapi serius thanks to Nadd AJ Lynn Syarah and Kak Dina, I felt better, at least I wasn't alone. That night as I was talking to AJ, I told her that I reeeeally wanted to go to Cardiff, I reeeeally wanted to talk to Edy, and AJ suggested that I took a train the next morning. Tapi tiket mahal gila I can't even :O Then I tried looking for a bus, only to find it full. That moment, I felt like that was it. Allah tak bagi pergi Cardiff la tu.

The next morning masa tengah masak nasik lemak dengan AJ, Ana texted me asking if I wanted to come to Cardiff, that she'd pick me up in Leicester if I wanted to. Come on, she's gonna drive from Cardiff, pick me up in Leicester, and balik Cardiff again?? We then agreed to meet halfway, so she picked me up in Birmingham instead.

Ana said we were to surprise Edy by having me in Cardiff, but what I didn't know was Edy was coming to pick me up too! Seeing her in the car was too much joy, and the fact that Ana offered to pick me up all the way from Cardiff, I just couldn't bear the excitement. And terharu gila okay. No, really, terharu sangat yang macam HOMAI ARE YOU GUYS REAL??!?

***End of train ride post, hence the change in emotions lol***
Apparently dua dua nanges jumpa each other. I literally screamed when I saw her in the car, and cried like mad. HOMAI HOMAI I can still cry thinking about it, boleh?

Muka lepas nanges. Alright I know we just saw each other the week before, but you can never have love overdose, right?

Ana yang berjasa. Oh mak thank you so much you have no idea how THANK YOU SANGAT AKU KAT KAU NANGES LAGI WUBWUB.

And met the rest at Shake n Grill!

Too much love and happiness!

The shake shake and Syeeda's sirloin steak

Faw's ribs steak

My 10oz rib eye steak

Edy's mixed grill

The aftermath. Oh yes, Instagram :3

Calon calon Baitul Muslim

Terus hilang rupa Baitul Muslim

The identity crisis of a skull - to warghh or not to warghhh.

Muka nantop sangat dah dua dua ni haaa. (I was actually cranky for a bit kehkeh)

The next morning..

Oh yes, we made nasik kerabu! Or rather, they, since yours truly was hopeless when it comes to makanan tradisi. Lengkuas itu apakah pun tak lepas.

And we had bubble tea before leaving Cardiff!

Last camwhore before balik (and before nanges lagi hahaha!)

Muka dua dua lepas nanges lagi. I don't know why I've been crying A LOT sigh.

And I left Cardiff with a contented heart full of love. It was a very short trip, but nothing beats the warmth of having your loved ones around. Life has been tough lately, and I admit I had a massive break down again right after I got home in Leicester. To think of this trip as just a moment to berbimbo (which we obviously did lol) is such an understatement. There's something so close to heart that I thought I have lost somewhere along the years, but like Adam said, "After four years, it's still there."

Four years, and I shall fall more and more in love again.

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