Monday, February 18, 2013

Of Sheffield and awesome friendships.

Went to Sheffield Games last weekend and guess what..???

Yes, another replay of Warwick Games 2012!!

Same old same old. Mau was here to play basketball for Python. Farzan, as usual, would be everywhere in UK, Edy was playing netball for Cardiff, and me.. Errr. Nope Leicester didn't send a team this time around (probably because the manager is sooo hopeless meh) Well you could say I was there to cheer for them. Uweee!!

Some of the photos are so random but I'd put them anyway because I'm amazed by people's expression, and in this case, it's Mau's.

Love this strip especially because we all look sooo happy! I can't really remember what was the funny part though. Heh.

Fantastic four. Poyo mak aih.

Kaki busuk Mau.

M08A portrait take one. Look how Mau cannot behave one.

M08A portrait take two - official!




And I met these people too! Shahir and Jatdin. Well actually ramai lagi budak KMB yang jumpa but then senak jugak lah nak letak nama sorang sorang kan. Wehuhwhehuheuu.

Apparently that wasn't it. We also had the whole bimbos all the way from Cardiff here!! EXCITED BOLEH TAK. Oh well they call themselves Dedatins but I'd prefer Bebimbos because then I can be one too hahaha! And just when I though Mau was full of expression (facial expression, that is), apparently Afiqah is, too. Introducing..

Nina on the left, and Fiqah on the right. Look how Fiqah cannot behave also. Haih.

Nina, Fiqah and Irhana (amek kau full name aku bagi kahkah)
Nina is from Sheffield, while Fiqah and Ana (penat dah type full name kau) are from Cardiff.
And Fiqah still cannot behave one. Luls.

And if you're wondering why there are llloaadsss of their selca, it's because I left the camera with them to bring home while I stayed over at Concord Sports Centre. Balik rumah bukak bukak je camera dah bersepah gambar dorang haaa.

Another picture that I loooovee! These three musketeers were supposed to act like a traffic light, hence the "oopss" Fiqah, "dont-know-what-pose" Ana, and excited Nina. Uweee!!

And later that night we went for a girls' night out. Jejenggs.

Oh btw that girl in pink behind super excited Nina (lol) is Syeeda, another girl from Sheffield. Hi Syeeda! *waves*

The only time when Fiqah behaved. Amek gambar posing gaya nak hantar resume kat mak mentua gamaknya. Kahkah.

Excited Nina is excited!

I love this picture, shows how hungry we were and gelojoh semua duk tenung menu tak berkelip mata. Hahahaha!

That night we had a sleepover at Nina's, karaoke guitar hero sampai lebam, which left me with this sore throat until now. NANGES.

Everyone woke up hangover the next morning, walhal semua morning person je, tapi sebab galak sangat berjimba malam pesta muda mudi, maka syahid lah anak bangsaku di Sheffield sampai pukul 10 pagi. Hahaha! But we had a super awesome breakfast of everything we could find at Nina's place, so hangover level di-balance-kan oleh kepandaian memasak masing masing (excluding me of course lol). So take note ye prospek prospek calon sekalian. 

We left at about 3pm, but before that, here's some souvenirs.

Sebenarnya rasa macam boleh runtuh jugak lah rumah Nina kalau kitorang extend stay lagi satu malam. Sofa tu takyah cakap lah, mungkin dah rabak sekarang. Mihmihmihs. 

Oh yes, the sun was shining sooo bright it would be a shame if we didn't take pictures outside (alasan nak sambung camwhore)

Meet Syeeda, ze new friend! :D

And then it was time to leave, hence the sad faces (except Fiqah, she's always exceptional lol) But really, it was another amazing weekend in Sheffield. I have a very small circle of friends in real life, no matter how friendly people always think I am. Having these people eventhough we're at different places, I kinda feel loved. Oh yes I'm a big sucker for love, friendships and the likes. So you can guess how so very happy I was with them.

To be perfectly honest, I don't really know them down to the very personal details, but they're great company, and we could talk, and chat, and go on and on and on, and that's all that matters. We discussed about bachelorette party, we talked about how Nina, Faw, Ana and me are all living nearby in KL (budak budak MRR2 yo), and all the random things, down to the biology of pregnancy. Lol so random I know, but all of them are doing Engineering (minus Edy in Genetics) so it's kinda fascinating to me as well to have non Medic friends.

Thanks for the great company people. Tetiba rasa macam ada life. 



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