Monday, January 16, 2012

Swearing lesson.

Having spent time with Adam in a way revealed how I tend to swear when things happen. So one day he asked me.

Adam: Perlu ke swear?
Bella: Yes. Research says it's a good stress reliever.
Adam: But you swear everytime.
Bella: Let me show you how to swear. Like shit can be applied to almost anything as noun. Example. What is that shit? I have loads of shits to deal with. Shit happens.

And apparently there was one time he nearly tripped over something on the road.

Adam: I just stepped on shit.
Bella: No, you say I just stepped on SOME shit. Shit is not as if literally shit, it's just SOME shit.
Adam: Hurm okay.

Then he wanted to teach me something on swearing as well.

Adam: I'll show you how to use fcuk.
Bella: Oh okay.
Adam: When you want to say fcuk, you don't say fcuk. You say FISH. Like I FISHING love you.
Bella: ...

Yeah. Malu sendiri.

Perempuan mencarut sungguh tak cool I tell you.

1 comment:

Amin Rox said...

apa ni swaer2. hehe

aaaa. tahu pun tak cool. mcm orang tua2 jer bila dicuit2>>> Oppocot! Mka hang mak aku. haha. Melatah. XD

So, jaga lah lidah. Hati yg tenang melahirkan lidah yg tenteram.

(tazkirah khas ini dibawakan khas dari bumi Cinta)