Sunday, January 22, 2012

Exam Eve.

Panic attack. So I ended up doing these.

RailMaze - a game I downloaded ages ago only to be discovered in my Mac today due to extreme anxiety.

Oh Ally, apa kurangnya pelajar perubatan di UK..

The date was 2 days ago. The final order was finished this morning, total amounting £101 something including delivery. Yes, kerja kami house tiga orang. Sape je boleh beli groceries sampai 100 over? Humph.

But in the end still have to go back to this T_T

Ps. I notice in every background of the screenshot there's always some medical stuff (slides, notes) etc at the back. Guess I'm still civilized then.


Hajar said...

is that biochem????

Bella said...

Biochem and a whole lot more! T.T