Thursday, October 14, 2010

if you think you are irreplaceable; damn, you are dead wrong.

Feeling the need to post this. To let out the anger that has been bottled up in me for quite some time. Bullshit. Quite some time? Wutte-efff? Mana ada quite some time. Baru tadi lah. Urgh. Marah.

Now tell me why is it that you can’t be there for me when I need you the most? Like freaking most? Like freaking effing most? Urgh. Stupid. Idiot. You’re always there when I don’t really need you. Like, hell, I have always needed you, but if you’re not there, FINEEEE. I’m still gonna live anyway.

But not this time. THIS freaking time. Just be there, will you? F. Are you some kind of jealous or tak puas hati or kekurangan kasih sayang or whattt? S. Go find someone else to mess with. Not me. Not tonight. Not THIS time.

I freaking effing NEED you! Can’t you see?

Alright, so now that Skype status gone into arrows pusing3 like ever the arrow gonna stop, and YOU are not there. Like freaking NOT there. Like, nowhere to be found. Like, wuttee-effffff? Urgh. COME BACK, you freaking idiot! I have friends, I mean good friends, like, REALLY EFFING GOOD FRIENDS, no, it’s ONE FRIEND actually who cares it’s MY friend, not YOUR effing friend anyway... F . See? I can’t even finish my sentence because I am so freaking pissed off at you. Yes, you, you IDIOT!

Alright, I’ll be nice this time. After all, it’s ME who needs you, not the other way round. Soooooo…

*batting eyelashes*

Dear Mr. Internet?