Monday, May 24, 2010

sexy's my name.

KN - "oh look, we have something in common - pink handbag!"

everyone minus zai (the photographer) and farah and tiqa (absentees)

sangap karoks.

sangap karoks II.

dejay of the night.

dejay of the night - Literally.
awwwwww. ala3 artis gitu.

now that's the spirit!

the day was a blast! despite me having to come back all the way from shah alam and clearance was going to be on the very next day and my room was still in a mess, we had a fantastic night! nightmare on the elm's street was awfully scary (except me, zai and edy made it less scarier by criticizing every single thing from the movie, like how the mother of one of the character was actually HOTTER than the daughter), the karaoke yang takcukup mic, nasib baik takpecah je bilik tuh, the awesome lagu kapak chosen by edy "fantasia bulan madu" (ouyeahhhh), everything was definitely AWESOME!

ps. somebody just said this to me. "ko nih jangan jadi pumpkin sangat boleh takk??"


Amin Rox said...

deejay??? errr.. ateh takde ker? ^_~

bella said...

ateh? kenapa ateh?? hurmm *wondering*