Saturday, November 14, 2009

first cut is the deepest.

yes, IB sucks. it drains your energy, makes you feel as if 24 hours will never be enough. too many things to do, too little time. the academics, the non-academics, the gossips, the talks, the outside fun you'd miss, EVERYTHING. but i have given it a second thought. no, IB isn't that bad. at least not in the 1st semester. somehow i still have a vivid photographic (or videographic?) memory of these people, on how we 1st met, or encounter, or even the most significant event on our earlier days at KMB. (back then life was surprisingly organized, minus the small E21* room i have to bear with until now)

1. pija aka roommate
  • we 1st met during the MARA interview at unikl, ours was on thursday, sometime in the afternoon, i guess. i think she was wearing orange. and her bubbliness was the first thing that caught my eyes (and ears, of course). we were interviewed by the same panel, she went 1st before me. before we went off our separate ways after the interview, we were joking about starbucks and blah blah. never in touch after that. but tadaaa!! she's my roomate today. cute:)
  • most significant -- she was one super duper cute adorable bubbly girl that made me feel like (aaa???) in her own way.
2. nabilah and echuq (neighbours)
  • 1st week at KMB. orientation week. kembara kolej or whatever you call it. led by fathul. we were in the same group. (those who couldn't actually remember which group they were in because they lost their group number, i was one of them, OBVIOUSLY) had some chat at the walkway heading to DS, and found out that we were actually living next door to each other!
  • most significant -- they both said that i look like sharifah amani (haha:DD)
3. AD aka classmate
  • the third floor, near M08C (sem 1 class) when everyone was busy doing the so-called gotong royong. had a good time laughing our hearts out (when we barely knew each other). share the same thing in common- we both have been living in terengganu, but parents come from different places, and we ourselves were born in different states.
  • most significant -- her warm big heartily laugh and smile. she captures everyone with that.
4. DJ aka classmate
  • in the hall, during ceramah. (back then, year 1 had to listen to the ceramah in the main hall). saw her using HK notebook. asked if she went to 2007 HK in SMS kota tinggi, and her answer was yes. surprisingly, she remembers me as a girl from SMSD, asking her if she knew anyone from SSP (on behalf of sir jimmy david). woaahhh. we end up as classmates!
  • most significant -- her HK notebook, the fact that she's a dear friend of sirjimmydavid, and her remarkably tall figure.

5. aisyah johari aka AJ
  • surau. ceramah, i guess. we were sitting at the back of the surau. i thought there were nazi, and rifhan (for some unknown reasons i remember this). langkawi people KOT:PP
  • most significant -- her sparkling PINK sony ericsson Z610i that remind me of my BFF, yana back in high school.
6. teacher ima (chemistry teacher)
  • i was late for her chemistry class, for i thought the class would start later than it should be. aha, i was wrong. thought i gave her a super baaad first impression. but she was fine, nope, she was COOL, actually. i think my unpunctuality caused her to remember my name:PP
  • most significant -- she called me B, for once she had a student named nabilah, and that's what she used to call her. for some reasons, she would never pronounce my name as BELLA. it's either B, or BIELA. an awesomely super duper sweeeeeeeeet teacher.
7. afiqah aminuddin (wow, full name!:PP)
  • we met somewhere near the blok E restrooms. apparently we had one thing in common- we knew the same person in our past. (haha sounds very3 fishy) had a looooo0o0ong chat about that someone. other than that, there was nothing much, i guess.
  • most significant -- yes, that SOMEONE:PP
i still remember how i first met (or my first impression) of a bunch of friends. like naqi was wearing a black shirt during orientation, afiq and i was fighting whether PDK kajang kids can actually eat sweets, KI (khalidah izzaty) is one superbly adorable girl camwhoring with me in the hall during orientation, a friend actually showed me who mubin was (because she liked him a lot THAT TIME) when he passed us by in front of LT1, aiman a kisas boy who happened to be my classmate and PDK-mate, izleen one sweet girl who made cute expressions when she passed by our class, and lotsie lotsie stuffy that i found it amazing when i look back in time.

"time really has it's way of changing one's life."

[pardon me for my english. anyone can tell it sucks]


Art said...

i should be bloggin bout this, my college ended!


bella said...

yea yea. brag bout it. dushdush. mine has another long long way to go!

*sigh sigh*

ayesya-cecA said...

bella, when u gonna fly?

Anonymous said...

bella! nik hisham ni. I stumbled upon your blog and decided to have a walk through. (don't ask why and how. X-D ) anyway, i just wanted to say that your music, 'love story meets viva la vida' is awesome! personally, as an ex-band member. really! it is awesome! i'm definitely gonna go download it after this.

another thing is at your links to other peoples' blogspots, afif sani bukan kelas aku lah. die kelas e08f. thought i'd remind you before he notices and makes an issue out of it. >;-)

p/s: pure randomness. this is my 1st (and probably last. X-P ) comment to you, so be nice. :-D

Anonymous said...

weird. i dont see any similarities between u n sy.amani.
perhaps i should double check my eyes :)

bella said...

NIKK!! ahaha u shudve asked for that song from me, we like, see each other every day at school! but nvm, itsokay, the song's very much soothing tho:)

hehee thanks for pointing out bout that afif sani, i ALMOST DIDNT NOTICE! well, i know he's E08F, but, for some reasons... typo error KOT.


(really3 hope u'll be blog hopping again. it's fun, u know??)

can't wait for jogja!!!;DD

sukasuki said...

yeah, i still remember the very 1st day we met.u said "i'm a lil bit cerewet about food.i heard they serve java food here."hahahahahahaha
but now, who eat the java food at our ds everyday?(even 4 breakfast?)


got no other choice,tho..