Saturday, February 11, 2017

Stonehenge - just, rocks.

Ayah has been wanting to visit Stonehenge since his last UK trip some time in July last year. But we were short of time and Adam was working so logistics were quite difficult. We went around Wales - which deserves a post on on its own (as usual), but not quite Stonehenge. So this time we had a weekend off with the family so I thought, why not.

The journey itself took about 2 hours according to Google map, but we had to detour for a very good reason (will share later!), so it felt like a very long never-ending drive. You know it's a long drive when there's this.

Road trip selfie.

After what felt like an eternal journey into nothing-ness, we finally caught a glimpse of the magnificent..


My first thought, "I expect you to be bigger?!"

And now is the time that I bore you with this legendary Windows 97 screensaver/wallpaper.

But our photo, first.

While this looks pretty majestic, it actually isn't. It's not even as big as I thought it would be. I mean, you look at Kaabah pictures and when you got there you're like, wow, I just cannot, like wow. But this one..

Obviously comparing it to our qiblat isn't the most appropriate thing, but just to tell you how disappointed I was..

I was properly disappointed. Heartbroken. Gutted. Dumbfounded. Flabbergasted. The list goes on.

Putting a grainy picture of us from my cousin's phone - one for the memory.

Apart from the rocks, there's also other areas to explore. Like this,

Tiny huts which are just about my height.

And this - where you can find out how many people of the same strength you need to recruit to build your own Stonehenge. I thought Adam did pretty great although the scale only lasted a few micro seconds. 

Grow up strong ok Seed buddy.

I personally feel that our biggest mistake was not exploring the Information Centre first (didn't take any pictures inside because I was already too disappointed, ha!). We went straight to see the rocks despite the staff recommendation to start with the Information Centre first, which of course didn't make a lot of sense. 

Once we've been inside the Info Centre only then things started to be more interesting. I mean, I now know that no one can actually be sure on why Stonehenge was built in the first place - it was thought to be a sacred burial place for the dead - but no one could truly confirm this.


But really, start with Info Centre first.

This is how the entrance looks like, btw. 

The actual site itself is about 1.5miles from the entrance, but they do provide free shuttles back and forth.

Not sure why I end this post with a picture of their shuttle, but there you go.

Some tips.

1. Book online to save money. The ticket itself is about £15.50 pp online but a quid or two more at the entrance. And you'd have to queue if you buy at the gate.

2. Bring snacks. Unless you want to be trapped in the overpriced cafe with very limited selections, bring some snacks with you. There's no eateries elsewhere within 3 miles radius (I made that one up) either.

3. If you're not a big fan of history, maybe give Stonehenge a miss. Unless you live nearby or going towards that direction anyway. Nothing personal, just not sure it was worth the long drive in our case.

4. Last but not least, if you do decide to go just because, go with an open mind!


White Rose said...

Hi kak bella! I've been there once when i was a kid. Happy tu yaa ampun..haha budak2 kan. But nkw, when i look back. Ok its just large rocks like what u said. But anyway, at least kalau org tanya dah sampai sini belum...i'll say yes! Btw, what camera are u using for the photos?

마리얌 said...

Went there last year. It was a boring place hahahah. Tapi okay lah kalau orang tanya hang pi London hari tu ada pi Stonehenge tak. So I can say YASSSSSSS ><

Bella said...

White Rose; kann?? I kept wondering kenapalah orang sibuk nak mai sini. & most of them aren't English anyway, now I know why, bleghhh. Bila fikir balik entrance fee tu, rasa macam, I could've a proper meal with that amount! Haha. It's a mixture of iPhone 6s and Canon EOS 550D. Gambar classic wallpaper tu confirm sah2 the 550D ;)

You whose name can't say because I can't read Korean (sorry!) >.<
Having lived in UK for 6 years, I never had anyone asking me pernah pegi Stonehenge tak. EXCEPT MY DAD. HAHAHHAHA.