Sunday, January 1, 2017


Good gosh it's been a year since I last blogged!


It's been a month, precisely. And I miss this space more than anything! I feel like I'm slowly detaching from the online world (my blog!) and it's really bugging me!

I should probably make a wrap of 2016 like normal people do when it gets to new year, but sadly my reflecting skill has gone down steeply after I started, urm, doctoring. Every day is a blur. Suddenly it's like, woah, 2017 already?

But I can tell you what happened since 1st December 2016..


This little one has grown so much since last time!


It's a SeedBoy!

Yeap, it's a he. And this little guy has been kicking around more than ever. It's the funniest feeling because whenever Adam comes near my tummy to say hi, he remains quiet. And I often make random remarks like "Seed says hi", "Seed just wakes up", etc when he goes on a kicking spree. Oh well I guess Adam can wait a bit longer to feel those.

Pregnancy-wise, I can no longer sleep on my back without waking up ache-free the next day. And I can no longer fit into regular trousers - yes I'm currently wearing one of those hideous maternity trousers, at 20 weeks - cringe! I get nauseated very easily on car rides, not so much on a plane. And the scariest thing is that I forget things and do silly mistakes all the time - not sure if it's the pregnancy or just me. :(

Work-wise, I'm currently doing Paediatrics (kids!). It's a lot less taxing than Surgery, but of course, I still want to quit. Let's leave it at that.

Life-wise, I realised that Adam and I are still the loving couple that we are. We've been married for more than 4 years, yet we're still as clingy to each other.  We always joke about how both of us don't really have best friends apart from each other, but I'm not saying this lightly - be each other's best friend. Love might come in waves, but the friendship always remains. And with friendship, there's always love in it.

So yes, 2017 is going to bring a pretty big change, inshaAllah. 

Game on, baby. (quite literally)

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