Tuesday, August 2, 2016

One happy catheter man.

So today I had to change a catheter for a lovely elderly gentleman on the ward. He had his catheter changed last Friday, and it was rather traumatic with all the blood and the fact that the catheter itself was rather a large rigid one. I was there holding his hands (or rather, him clutching mine in pain) so I desperately did not want to hurt him any more than I should this time. 

It was pretty funny as at the first sight of me he actually said, "Nice to see you again, doctor", but when I mentioned that I was there to change the catheter he immediately looked like I've dropped him a death sentence or something. Bless him. Anyways, he agreed to it, all the while shaking away nervously making weird sounds as a way to cope with the anticipated pain.

In the end it all went well, Alhamdulillah. It helped that he's such a lovely patient mashaAllah! And as I was cleaning up, he asked for my name. I said Bella as always, but he wanted my real, full name, asking to look at my ID card. I gave it to him and he then asked me to write down my full name with the department I'm in on a piece of paper. I honestly thought it was rather weird, but I wrote a little note for him anyway, he's such a lovely man to begin with!

I jokingly said that I do accept credit cards, lol. And that I expect nothing less than a cheque. Haha poor man must've thought that this doctor's in the job for money! 

But he then said, "Soon enough you'll find out why I asked for your details today." Ooh, someone's got some surprise in it for me!

Anyways, it was such a good feeling after a failed bloods from a patient earlier - young, fit and even on blood-thinning drug - when I'm usually good with bloods. I mean, my first catheter on my own and I'm already getting a cheque coming, lol!

I know I sounded a lot unhappier about medicine days/weeks earlier, but I thought instead of being bitter about it, why don't I just cherish it. Celebrate the fact that I am a doctor. After all I worked hard for it! And I thought maybe, just maybe, if I write/talk/share more about medicine, then it'll love me back, and my heart grow into it - Law of Attraction. Meanwhile let me just chill while all the new doctors (Adam included, haha) panic  about their first day tomorrow!

Ahh 5 off days at the start of work. You won't get that from other jobs. 

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