Wednesday, November 5, 2014


If you remember my Lincoln post well, this is another post that might be related to it. 


No we're not talking about Boston, USA. This is Boston, Lincolnshire. 

Now let's talk geography. Boston is north-east to Leicester, whereas Lincoln is a bit more up north but less towards east of Leicester. As a point of reference, Nottingham is shortly up north to Leicester. Which means that Nottingham is closer to Lincoln than Boston.

Note Leicester at the bottom left corner and Nottingham directly above it. 

Why am I explaining this? One of the reasons is because Nottingham, Lincoln and Boston all fall into one deanery, The Trent. This is important if you're applying for a Junior Doctor job. If you're not, you can move on to the next reason. 

The next reason is to get to Lincoln or Boston by train, you'll have to pass through Nottingham. And here's the real issue. Since Boston is further away from Nottingham, it takes longer to get there as compared to Lincoln. If last time we had to take the train for about two hours to Lincoln, this time it's a three-hour journey on the train. 

A three-hour journey on the train from Leicester might as well get me to Cardiff.

It's just that Boston is so kampung that all the trains are kampung ones, the ones with very loud engines running on very bumpy railways, and very infrequent that the last train leaving Boston to Nottingham is probably before 7pm everyday. 

But on the plus side, the accommodation is really nice, exactly the same as Lincoln, ensuite and all. 

And another plus side is all three of us, the housemates - Nadd, Lin and I are here. Nadd's doing Perioperative Block (general surgery) while Lin and I are doing MSK. And that's Musculoskeletal (muscles and bones) for you non Medic people. 

To be honest I'm not sure why am I rambling about this in the first place. I was actually feeling sappy just now (I always do when I'm on outblock), but ended up explaining the geography of Trent to you guys. My apologies. 

But here's a picture to share the sappiness in me. 

You know it's genuine happiness bila mata pun hilang. Perfection. 

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