Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Summer Love I - Eid in Kualalala Lumpur.

Right. I am making a very brave attempt to recount how my summer break went like. Brave, because I barely remember a thing about what happened for being too drunken in love (not exaggerating) since I hadn't seen Adam for about five weeks before I came home. And to be fair I was only back last February, when all my food check list was completed. So this time it was for Adam, and for the family. (Though honestly food was still in my top priorities lol)

Saturday, 26/07/14
Touched down at KLIA at about 10pm. Adam was waiting with a bouquet of flowers and cheesecakes. No pictures because I was too excited and gleeful, lol. Went back to my place PV8 after an attempt of being adventurous. My family was waiting for me to arrive, when they left for Kelantan later at 2am.

Sunday, 27/07/14
Went back to Adam's place at Bandar Tun Hussein Onn (we've moved, guys!), then later in the evening went to Wan's place for iftar and Raya eve. Had the usual sup tulang sponsored by Pak Busu, and later followed by takbir raya after Isyak. I didn't cry (not even close) this time, so yay!

Monday, 28/07/14
Happy Eid people! We take turn celebrating Eid at either Adam's or mine, and this year it's his turn. So raya at Kajang it is. Took truckloads of pictures because I brought my Canon along. But most of the family pictures were taken by Kak Ina anyway. Haha.

While colour coordination for Raya in my family is nothing new (it's a crime not to be colour coordinated for raya in our family!), this is actually the very first time Adam's family get to wear the same colour. And there's a whole story behind it.

Since I was the only one left in UK before Raya, I was getting all worked up with the fact that I haven't got any baju raya. And the OCD inside me insisted on matching outfits between myself and Adam. So we had to settle for something that we both have in the same colour. I then told Tsara that we'll be wearing cream-brown-ish, so if she could get everyone to wear the same then we could all have a theme for this raya! And Tsara did an amazing job in finding clothes for Umi and herself (I think Danial's were coincidentally bought in Indonesia when he went on a trip there). So there we were, all in the same colour! It was also Tsara's first time in wearing kebaya, paired with Wan's kain batik, haha.

As for our outfit (Adam and I), we were actually wearing our baju nikah bahahahah. Got soooo many compliments on my outfit that when I finally blurted out that it was actually my baju nikah from two years back, people just went in awe. Of course I paired it with a different sarong that looked a bit songket-ish, just to get rid of the nikah-y look. Lol.

Psst. This raya was also the first time I get duit raya from ze hubs weee!

Tuesday, 29/07/14
Second day of Raya. We went to Wan's later in the afternoon since Adam was starting to feel a bit unwell. Went to Tok Teh and Tok Andak's places later in the evening.

Yes I mainly live in kebaya for occasions. Baju kurung has been a staple in my wardrobe for KMB, so I always try to avoid them for events. Daily wear, yes. Big occasions, probably not.

Wednesday, 30/07/14
Raya done and dusted lol. This is one of the things that I love about raya in Kajang. Nothing againts raya and all its celebrations (uuu I love open houses!). But sometimes human interaction drains me, and I just need to be in the comfort of my own space with my closed ones and take a break. So we went to Escape Room at e@Curve.

It was super cool haha! We used up both clues that we had, and managed to rescue ourselves just 3 minutes before the time was up. Apparently the brains of three doctors, one engineer and an avid gamer were still a little bit insufficient for Level 4. Probably need an astronaut to crack Level 5 lol.

Thursday, 31/07/14
Road trip to Kelantan! We took turn to drive, where I took most of the highway routes. Arrived at about 10pm when we decided we were too hungry to go straight home so we stopped for our dinner just before arriving. 

Initially we wanted to have KFC since I've been asking for it since I got back from UK. We even nearly made a detour to find nearest KFC on our way, only to find KFC Jerteh was jam-packed with people. I was like, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE WHO EATS KFC DURING RAYA GRRR. But then.. I was guessing it could be because it was already late, and Kelantan-Terengganu have no mamak to lepak or have late night meals, so KFC was probably the easiest option. No luck for us then. Nevertheless..

Tomyam and a massive ikan tiga rasa for the hungrayhh. It was hilarious when we wanted to order because only then we realised that we were actually already in Kelantan, and both of us were awkward in speaking Kelantanese. Well to be fair I can actually speak some, but it's the awkward kind of Kelantanese, considering I hardly have to. So there were some communication breakdown and some chuckles and obviously I did all the ordering while Adam was just staring at me trying not to laugh. Even the waiter who took the order looked like he was trying to stay calm and not laugh at my awkward Kelantanese accent bahahahah!

Oh well more to follow once I get more pictures from my sister, inshaAllah. Also, I'm quite aware that strictly speaking I wasn't really spending my time in KL, because BTHO is in Cheras? I think? And Wan's is in Kajang. But oh well my house is in KL so you know... KL it is. Heh.

Til then!


humaira said...

LOLS, sampai Jerteh ke? dekat sangat dengan rumah daaa.

Next time lalu Besut, gimme a call Bella. I am more than happy to have both of you :)

Anonymous said...

Your story never fails to make me smile.

What a beautiful life. :)

Bella said...

DJ! Of course, throughout the whole trip, in my mind baaaaanyak sangat tempat yang kekonon nak singgah (one of them being sotong celup tepung kat Penarik). End up satu pun tak pegi sebab gerak from KL lambat. Huehuee. But thanks for the invite though. iAllah will make it one fine day! :)

Anon, dawww, thanks. You're too kind :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry for stalking u kak bella but i love your raya outfit. Can i know where do u get them? :)

Bella said...

Hey hey anon,

Baju tu actually baju nikah beli somewhere kat masjid india. Or jalan TAR. I think kat Semua House kot. Tak ingat dah. Yang penting murah saja. Haha