Monday, July 15, 2013


I have always been a foodie as far as I can remember. Street food, to be precise. My nights used to be spent (read: wasted) at mamak restaurants up to wee hours for no good reasons.

Sometimes I wonder what is it about mamak that I really can't get over with. I don't think it's the food, really, since I don't have any particular preference over certain food, though my usual order at mamak are usually cheese naan with chicken tandoori and three layer tea or neslo tarik. But I am also happy to settle for Mali's char kuay teow or SAS Corner's mee kungfu, which, as the names suggest, aren't mamak-style.

It's the feel good factors that come with the package. One of my favourite things to do (read: wasting time) is observing people. Tonight I was watching two young girls selling some sort of madu herba under the name of charity. They had me thinking, what kind of rumah kebajikan would let two young girls walk around asking for donation at this hour i.e. past midnight? Then there were a bunch of U-mobile promoters giving out their flyers. That was when I wonder, who goes to mamak with the intention of buying broadband packages and phone plans? Well there's always a chance, as they say sambil menyelam minum air. But no, really? These people, the girls, the promoters, amazed me with their persistence. There I was, at midnight, just idling around enjoying the good food, while there were people still trying their luck to earn some cold hard cash (or postpaid customers, in this case). 

To me, late night outing means good food and good company, but to some others, it determines whether or not they can pay the rent for next month.

I should really be grateful.

Cheese naan with chicken tandoori and three layer tea.
And a very absorbed husband.

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