Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Of being independent.

Depending on how often you have to work things out on your own, I generally think that people should be more independent.

For example, you'd rather call someone asking about how to setup your laptop to have its own wifi. I short, hotspot. And it's a Mac! Not that I think Mac is so superior, I just think Mac is pretty much standardised that you can just Google it up and do yourself. Unless the person you're asking is next door, that would make more sense.

And the "I can't find this and that it's not there" type. Annoyingly enough when I go and look for it myself, it seems like that thing magically appears from the dust. Whyyy???

These people annoy me so bad that I tend to stay away from them just to avoid myself from being annoyed because feeling annoyed towards someone is not really the most pleasant feeling in the world. (Woha that's a long sentence!)

Isn't your level of curiosity high enough that you don't have the idea of Googling things up?

Well this is a personal view, anyone can choose to disagree. And obviously because I was left to be independent since I was a child, so I don't really get it with people who can't do things on their own.

Like I can't stress enough on how annoyed I am with this kind of people, I'm actually blogging this in the lecture hall just before the lecture starts.


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