Friday, December 5, 2008

post mortem


empat puluh dua.

ithnani wa 'arba'uuna.



going through day by day..

BIOLOGY- i had no idea what the database question was about. sumpah, zero. nothing at all. wth with all the genes and axons and introns? and all the graph and bars and everything.. okay, done. i just didn't know how to do it.

note to self: i'm sorry mr. guna. i think i got the wrong question booklet. and that's just it.

MALAY- the biggest crap of all. ku terlepas pandang dua perkataan drama melayu; and tadaaa..!! ku terpesong. menyimpang jauh. 4 pages for nothing. i almost broke my fingers. and yes, it's for nothing. why life has to be so unfair????

note to self: cegu azhar, sy tau sy org plg byk tanye cegu time briefing exam dlm class. tp skurang2nye sy buat ape yg cegu pesan. tak gitu cegu?? [oh, pls be a lil bit compassionate this time sir~]

MATHEMATICS- as usual, the name itself speaks out. warghh,, the biggest fear of all! well, not really. when you know you can't do it, then you can always be pasrah. no, we don't call it pessimistic. it's what we call realistic.

note to self: wahai cegu noraini yg baik hati, semoge cegu tabah memeriksa kertas kami. [i'm saying this on behalf of M08A-ans. well, sure there are some exceptions to the rule:]

CHEMISTRY- paper 1 was undeniably easy. easy to finish since all we had to do was put a cross on which answer we thought was right. yeah, we thought. after all, it is not that often when you can actually make crosses all you want on the OMR sheet. and mind you, leave the GodDamn Calculator outside, please.

note to self: oh lovely mrs ima, it couldn't be that bad..

ENGLISH- erm, umm, uhh, okay. other than the writing session that seemed endless to me, i guess everything else was alright. *sigh*

note to self: mrs oja,, we miss you badly!!!

PENDIDIKAN ISLAM- ali rustam?? handbook?? hahaha ku tahu siapa penggubal soalan serta merta!! but still, kepeningan kemelandaan menjawab soalan.

note to self: ustaz shiham, kami janji amal islami kami tahun depan akan menjadi gempak segempaknye!! nak cover xley jawab pi senanye~

BUSINESS & MANAGEMENT STUDIES- home. rumah. mom's cook. unsettled clearance. no, i couldn't think of anything else than the fact that semester break was about to begin!

note to self: so what? hohohomiey~

::end of it::

basically, you can call this my post mortem for the nerve-wrecking first semester exam, 1st-5th december 2008.

"majulah IBO untuk IB dan penuntutnya"


al-ikhsan said...

oh jikalau Malay, dikau terlepas pandang perkataan 'drama Melayu', English pulak daku terlepas pandang perkataan 'A' [memorable experience]!

alahai, rupa2nya daku turut terpesong seperti dikau wahai adekku! ngee

eila said...

tu la sal.
lau da name adek badekk,,
xkemane ugek.
haha sungguhku chuak meghadap wajah
cegu azhar sem hadapan~~
[at least mrS oja x fire owg.hum~]

ahuyy~ said...

42 is an imaginary number..

eila said...

it does not exist then!

hum,like that idea~

Yard said...

falsafah idup baru
let the 1st sem result as vertical assymptote.
at 1st.. it approaching to zero.. but not zero ah
then it goes to infinity
till eternity

ape ak karut nie

eila said...

yard yg pnoh dgn analogy,,

tgk analogy "jmbn" kt blog beliaw sudaa~


miraman said...

terbaik ar yard..

dear bella..
marilah bersama-sama kita bangkit berjuang..yah2!!!!

tensi bla memikirkan rezut apakan daya ns suda jdi moy..sya ska sgt3 moy =P

eila said...


moy itu apa??


[xpna tawu pon???ngee~]