Friday, June 29, 2012

Be still.

Sometimes people hurt. Sometimes people change.

Be still, little heart. Be still.

Sunday, June 24, 2012


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Break: Makan Tak Beragak.

Adam was here for almost a week and we had a food feast. The theme was Makan Tak Beragak.

Memang betul makan tak beragak lah. In total I think we both spent almost £100 each just for the food. Yes, read that right. Just. For. Food. And that is for EACH.

So that's like £200 for both. Leave it in GBP. Jangan darab lima.

But really, my aim was to fill Adam to the max, since he's been starving for weeks. He only filled himself with DoTA and Korean stuff since his last exam, which was at the end of May. So now it's time to feed him with food. Real food.

1. Nando's

 One whole chicken with 4 side dishes

2. Tinseltown

Lamb chop with mash and veggies

3. Nasik lemak ayam home made (not in the picture)

4. More Buffet Restaurant

5. Piero's Snack Bar

Prawn Mary Rose Jacket Potato

Lasagne with garlic bread

6. Esquires Coffee House

 Chai Latte with cinnamon

Mango smoothie

7. Emerald Thai Restaurant

Prawn Tom Yum

 Thai Green Curry with rice

Salmon in Hot Sweet Sour Sauce with rice

This is our summer vacation. Here in Leicester. But there's more to come next!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Be my big love.

Exam's over. I can now breathe with confidence and pride. (?)

You see, I've always been one hell of an attention seeker.


But only with those whom I care.

To me, they are mine, and only mine.

I still remember last year, when my brother said that he wanted to get engaged. I cried. (We've always been like the bestesterest friends in the world, me and my brother) Then Izleen was getting more and more serious about her wedding. I cried. Later on, KN out of nowhere suddenly said he no longer needed me in his life (drama gila I know). I cried.

At that point I felt like everyone was leaving me. All. At. Once.

Oh, did I mention me and Adam had some rough times as well? Even him? Haish, more reasons to cry.

So the only one person that I kept on turning to was my mum. Yes, Ummi. And she's always there to assure me that she'll love me forever - til death do us part. That's exactly her words.  Sweet kan Ummi? Auww NANGES :')

Only now I feel that her love for me is not exclusive anymore.

Adam. Is. Making. His. Grand. Appearance. Into. The. Family.

And Ummi seems to like him. A LOT. 

Gotta find new love now. Anyone?

Monday, June 4, 2012

Call me maybe.

Last night KN had the thought that he was missing something.


No. My birthday.

Haha macam la aku kisah sangat kan. Zzz.

But really, he was making his sorry voice like, "Bellaaaaa... Sorrryyyyy.."

And I was like, "Kau nak apa? Aku baru bangun tido kot." 
At 10pm. Yes my eyes and brain have lost the sense of time so I slept as early as 6pm and woke up at 10pm. What a mess.

Well, then the usual thing, sorry, missed birthday, aku-ingat-je-tapi-aku-lost-track-of-date stuff (yes orang tengah CUTI kan pfft), sedar sedar dah 3rd June bla bla.

I was just listening macam orang mabuk, sebab baru bangun tidur. Zzz.

Then he said this,

"Aku rasa bersalah gila terlepas birthday kau tapi at the same time aku tau kau takkan marah sebab kau memang faham aku so lepas ni maybe aku buat lagi."


KN: Kalau jadi aku nak pergi US sometime next year ke. So kalau kau nak kirim pape bagitau lah. Kau kan suka Fossil. Dorang cakap Fossil murah kat sana.
Bella: Elok la tu. Birthday aku pun kau terlepas. So apa lagi.
KN: Maksud aku kirim kau bayar balik lah gila! Pehal nak birthday present sampai US??!
Bella: Thanks. (I made a promise not to ask for any birthday presents remember? HAHAHA padan muka)

And I called Izleen earlier this morning. She's back in Malaysia, counting days for her wedding (ARGH)

Izleen: Aku baca blog kau kikiki.
Bella: Mesti kau jealous kan Adam so sweeeeeet.
Izleen: Virtual gift kau kata sweet? Hahaha nanti aku amek gambar kad kawen aku hantar kat Skype kat kau. Baru sweet.
Bella: Blergh. Tau la nak kawen. Gedik. Eh KN cakap suruh simpan bunga telur untuk dia sebijik.
Izleen: Oh, cakap pasal KN, dia bagi apa hadiah birthday kau this time?
Bella: Hadiah la sangat. Wish pun tak. Zzz.
Izleen: Well obviously. Sebab kalau dia wish awal dia tau kau mintak hadiah dengan dia lepas tu dia kena beli hahahaha!
Bella: Mana ada. Dia tak tanya aku nak apa this time sebab dia tau nanti aku mintak iPad hahahahaha!


All the blank spaces are to be filled by inappropriate language. His language.

Friday, June 1, 2012

First of June.

I love June. Really. It feels like, waaahhh, we're in the second half of the year alreadyyy!

And nothing big has been achieved so far. 

First of June, four days left to ESA2, and here I am, doing ridiculous stuff like I've got all the time in the world.

1. Trying to make Adam come with me to Boyce Avenue gig in Birmingham on 16th June
Outcome: Unsuccessful due to his kesian text.

 2. Spending nearly 20 minutes sending him random texts while berguling bergolek dalam duvet sebelum tidur.
Outcome: Adam tak layan.

 3. Making fun of his typo when he sent an "O" without a "K", hence the OPQRST..
Outcome: He shoo-ed me to go study.

Then I kept sending him old pictures of me, and he replied,

Guess what picture?

Yes, a virtual birthday gift! How sweeeeet! Zzz. Okay no he actually sent another picture of us which I think was really sweet "perfectly describing my feeling towards you now" as he claimed. But well, yes, his feeling is for me to know so I'll keep it to myself. (geli eh)

But just in case you still don't get what's happening, well here's the thing, it's my birthday. I'm not a big fan of parties and celebration (because I'm a nerd like that) so today is just like another day. Except everything went wrong, like how I am so serabut with my own room, and I suddenly got the overwhelming sadness of not being able to attend Izleen's wedding when everyone is expecting me to be the bridesmaid. Dude, I can't! I'm not even home yet that time! T_T So I decided I've had enough of the day and went to bed at about 6-ish pm. Again, because I'm boring like that.

Only to be woken up by these people who decided they've had enough of squeezing their brains out for exams. A SURPRISE MAKAN MAKAN! Kak Hana was the mastermind, no wonder yesterday she went out all the way redah hujan going to get some chicken for BBQ, and kept telling me to go upstairs to study when the fact was she wanted to marinade the chicken and I was always around in the kitchen!

The supporting casts were Kak Dina, Nadd, Intan, Abil, Puteri and Hana. 
Came all the way to surprise me. THANK YOU :')

Only to duduk bersila awal awal untuk makan, walhal me myself pun mamai lagi bangun tidur -.-

Birthday gift of the day would be this.

Lecture MSK. Musculoskeletal System. Because he's a nerd too. Heh.

No I won't ask for an iPad 3 from anyone. No I won't. I will not. I promise I won't.

Like what I did for my birthday last year.