Tuesday, April 27, 2010

a picture paints a thousand words. (or measure the inches)

as on april 23rd, 2010

dua kali pembaris biasa.

ps. we ♥♥♥ ms oja (yang sangat hot)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

everything i can't be is everything you should be; and that's why i need you here with me.

okay okay. sorry. i've got quite a bunch of off-blogger remarks on my previous post. saying that i sounded too arrogant or cocky or bitchy or whatever you want to say it. hey it's not like you're a celebrity or what, so what's with the approval3 thingy?

hah, amek kau. tu la. perasan sangat.

but really, is it wrong to have that kind of thought? i mean, yes, i have a facebook account. i have friends. i uploaded pictures. i write comments. i vandal walls. funny, i even have my very own blog. funnier, it's not even private. funniest, i don't quite like it when people bug me, when a blog is where you blurt (almost) everything out. and it is meant to be shared, for god sake!

what the hell am i crapping?

i've had people commenting on how different i am in reality compared to what i write in blog. i have to admit, to some extent, it is true. on the outside, i am very much a bubbly person, and i can annoy people within the first five minutes of the first conversation. i smile a lot. i laugh like a witch. one minute, i can just talk for hours to strangers.

the next minute, you'll find me sitting at the most isolated dark seat in LRC. or walking alone with my head down and earphones stuck to my ears, unaware of the people around me. or buried in novel at my seat as if i'm gonna swallow that thing in less than five seconds.

truth is, i tend to shut myself down when i'm in crowd.

in other word- no, i'm not fun.

so again, please stop adding me on fb, like really3 after me on fb, because you know i just won't approve. hahah, ade jugak iklan.

ps. those who left remarks/footsteps/comments whether on or off-the-blog, thanks. you guys are the best. especially to the silent readers (you know who you are)

stalk me more;)

Friday, April 23, 2010

give me reasons to smile.

let me first start with these clear statements.

1. i don't approve friend requests on fb if i don't know who they are. so please STOP ADDING ME ON FACEBOOK IF I DON'T KNOW YOU or YOU DON'T KNOW ME, even if you think I LOOK FAMILIAR.

2. i don't add people on fb. not unless i feel so - which most of the time i don't. so please STOP SUGGESTING ME FRIENDS, never will i add them, eventhough i know them. why don't you suggest me to them, and see if i approve if they add me?

early conclusion: i don't welcome strangers - no matter how friendly i look on the outside.

today's last day for our IRP session. no more. saying goodbye has never been easy, but hey, it's only the end of IRP. the real devil is still waiting on may 4th!

blood. sweat. tears. shit.

blood - i pricked KN's finger by poking him with a pen. it bleeded. heal yourself, that's what the platelets are for, honey.

sweat - the scorching sun didn't have mercy on us, though we were doing the good deeds - usrah under the gazebo near DS.

tears - pn nila gave the most touching speech for the day. the girls cried, some of the not-so-girls too. she even gave us her last words before IB in black and white, and muffins, and stationeries. kalau macam ni, hari3 kelas math pun takpe. (okay tipu)

shit - it's the same shit all over again, just different day.

lots of things happened recently. i'm just too lazy to recount everything and put them in words. plus i need the memory space to cram hybridization of SO2, equation of tangent to ln(x), and perhaps some break-even calculations in my tiny miny crappy mind of mine.

today's also the day when the seniors are supposed to go home. yes, go home, dude! kmb will be less congested, higher partial pressure of oxygen, therefore no need for acclimatization. damn it, it's not even at high altitude.

the four-chambered heart simulation. lub dub. systole diastole. you name it. gonna miss this.

byebye everyone. bye. byeee. byeeeeeeee.

there's nothing much to be said, actually. blame it on the pressure, the volume, the temperature, whatever you wish. it won't change a thing.

IB is still a week away.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

i thought it was going to be my final-est fun before final.

i was wrong.

it was a mistake.

you were wrong, too.